Why Use Linux Web Hosting?

There are those who ask Why Use Linux Web Hosting? The simple answer is because Linux hosting (also known as Unix) uses open source products which make them very cost effective and in a sense virtually free for a hosting site to use the Linux operating system to drive its servers. In fact most shared hosting servers offer Linux as their operating system because they are known for their safety, compatibility and stability with other open source technology such as MYSQL database, PHP, CGI and more.

Linux has proven itself as a reliable and dependable operating system. Since it is a free source the cost to the hosting site is reduced and the savings are then passed on to its customers. The Linux system also tends to run faster than Windows servers therefore your website loading time speeds up. Time is money so they say and this system definitely helps in that department.

The developers are constantly working on improvements and updates that are again passed on to the clients who use them. If you choose a Linux Web Hosting service you can be rest assured of the reliability that this system provides for your website. This gives customers peace of mind when it comes to choosing a web host that offers Linux as its operating system.

The popularity of Linux has grown and now you will find that many of the Top Ten Web Hosting companies are using this operating system as their preferred choice. With it’s flexibility, reliability and application availability with using this service it stands to reason why these companies are using Linux Web Hosting.

Source by Jerry Gayle

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