WeCutFoam Announces Newly Designed Website Launch

WeCutFoam, provider of foam prototyping, cutting and machining services and fabricator of custom props, letters, logo, signs and exhibits, is proud to announce the launch of its newly redesigned website. This modern redesigned website focuses on improved functionality and easy access to essential information and services, including also a quote request page, a dedicated contact page and an elaborated page about the company and its core values.

The newly designed site offers WeCutFoam customers and visitors a comprehensive understanding of the company’s services to especially benefit and provide resources and solutions to signs shops, wedding & event planners, artists, branding marketers, retail stores, companies and anyone in the amusement industry. The website features a distinction between the types of services the company offers: It specifies all the 2D foam cutting services using CNC hot wire foam cutters and laser cutters as well as the 3D machining services using CNC routers machines.

The website also offers updated information on articles, news and press release, a new look for its blog presenting recent projects, new videos, a show case gallery of projects’ photos as well as additional services offered as EPS foam recycling, hard coating and 3D printing as well as projects gallery.

The new attractive website has a clean yet colorful design with multiple photos and show cases, as well as enhanced content explaining each service and its benefits: foam letters and logos, TED and TEDx signs, custom foam signs, vinyl printing, museum exhibits, 3D props, CNC prototyping and architectural shapes. A contact option is always available at the top of the page to allow customers to connect easily and ask for a quote, including a resource drop down to show case all services and products offered.

The new design is focusing on the company’s mission to present its customers and visitors with cost effective combined with fast turn-around foam prototyping, cutting and machining solution. The website will be updated on a regular basis with news of new services and products launch, changes, innovations, new press releases and company’s milestones. New pictures will be added to the site on a regular basis, so visitors can inspect and get updated with the latest projects as soon as they are created.

“We are excited about our newly designed website launch and the vigorous information it provides for our customers, our partners and visitors to better understand the company’s services and adaptation to the market growth and needs,” said Sigal Barnea, Co-Owner of WeCutFoam. “We believe that this new site will allow our visitors to have a very informative experience as we continue to grow and increase our market presence.”

Sigal continue to add that the new site coincides with the company’s expanding services and growth, specializing in foam projects. She emphasized that the primary objectives of the redesign was to focus on the services, aesthetics, simplifying the content and navigation, and increasing the visibility of the products.

Nessy Barzilay, the web designer and owner of nessy-design.com states that it was fun and rewarding to work on WeCutFoam’s website. “I was given the task of changing the face of the website to be more attractive and alive, while putting the customers and visitors in the front row” said Nessy. She continued to say that the focus was on organizing the site into the right service and product categories for ease and user-friendly navigation while not compromising the content and information conveyed. The result is a fun, vibrant and informative website.

Source by Sigal Barnes

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