Website Designs That Best Fit Manufacturing Companies

To businesses, a website is the foundation of operations of their online marketing activities. It allows viewers to know more about their company, products and/or services.

If a packaging tells a lot about the object inside, the way a website looks reveals much more about a company or business.

For a website to be set apart from the rest, it needs a design that reflects the values that a company wants their potential customers to associate with their brand. To help decide on what is best for them, these are 5 website designs that are ideal for manufacturing companies.

Responsive Web Design Layout

When a website is responsive, its pages load fast and render well in various resolutions and on different devices whether it is a tablet, desktop and mobile phone. It also indicates a useful manufacturing site.

Statistics show that by 2010, the number of people who use mobile devices will increase to 4.78 billion. This only means that it is no longer an option for businesses to have a mobile-friendly website but a must. Most important of all, when a website is highly responsive, users can quickly get the information they need from the site.

Gallery Web Design Layout

This type of layout is seen most of the time on e-commerce websites. Manufacturing companies have a tendency to use this design as well when they have several, different products that they want to directly sell to potential customers, retail partners and wholesalers.

This layout can come with many other features such as inventory and shipping. A gallery website, by itself, can be effective in generating income. If ever it comes without the “buy online” option, it can still display its manufactured products just like a stunning online catalog of sorts.

Single Page Web Design Layout

This is a practical, responsive layout. Due to its structure, which comes with numerous CTAs and that resembles a landing page, it is capable of generating high-quality leads that are often converted into buyers.

Manufacturing companies opt for single page web design to boost usability on whatever type of device that may be used by viewers. Besides, it is easy to create though to be more effective, it needs high quality content plus HQ images.

Realism Web Design Style

With this type of design, “what you see is what you get.” The images seen on display are an accurate rendition of the products that the business offers and the company places them into the main focus.

This web design is effective since manufacturers are able to use high-resolution photography as well as product rendering as visual aids to convey their message. Also, it only needs a small amount of copy and puts more emphasis on CTAs.

Flat Web Design Style

This type of web design comes with 2D objects such as graphics, renders or layered and merged photos that give a 3D effect. The flat style depends a lot on iconography wherein there in an icon to represent every menu.

Though this design was created in 2015, its style continues to be timeless. Manufacturers go for it because it emphasizes on usability and efficient navigation.

Source by Karina Popa

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