Website Contract: What Can I Use It For?

A website contract can be used when hiring a person or company to do any type of work on a website for you.

You can hire a contractor to help you design your website or use the contract to hire a website developer to set up the code and functionality of your site. You can also use the contract to hire someone to help you with the layout and the search engine optimization so that you will rank higher in a search on Google or even to hire a contractor to help with ongoing website support.

By using a website contract, you and your contractor will both have a clear expectation of the work to be completed: the scope of the work, the timing for the work, a description of phases of work, payment for phases, and clear terms and conditions for completion of the work and payment.

As a result, a website contract provides benefit to both parties and ensures payment for work to be completed is clear. It also provides other protections such as requiring a warranty from the contractor for the work to be performed and ensuring they confirm they are properly qualified to do so. It will also protect your intellectual property for your site and your ideas.

Your contract should include a confidentiality provision so that they are restrained from discussing your idea and design with others. Such a provision should also protect your information in relation to your intellectual property rights in your website, graphics and other elements associated with your website.

From a contractor’s perspective, they will appreciate the confirmation and understanding of your expectations as well as confirmation of work to be performed in return for payment. There should also be a dispute mechanism clause in your contract, in the event that you both do not agree on an element of the work performed. This will provide further protection to both you and your contractor in the event of any disagreement.

Finally, your contract should also contain clearly defined terms for termination of the contract. In the event you do not want to continue working with the contractor, your agreement should provide for payment for the last phase of the work completed which grants ownership in the work to you and subsequent termination of the contract with no requirement to continue.

A website contract is a professional way to make hiring someone to help with your online business easy while minimizing your liabilities and protecting your website.

Source by Vanessa Emilio

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