Snapchat Introduces Editable Chats, Emoji Reactions and More Features

Snapchat is introducing new features that will allow its users to interact with the platform in newer ways and improve existing experiences. There are a couple of artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features as well, and all of these are gradually being rolled out. Some of these features will only be available to the Snapchat+ paid subscribers. The social media platform is adding features such as Editable Chats, Emoji Reactions, My AI Reminders, an AI-powered feature to generate custom outfits for their Bitmoji avatar, and more.

Snapchat New Features

The social media platform announced the new features in a newsroom post. Making the announcement, the company said, “Every day, Snapchatters create more than 5 billion Snaps on average to communicate visually with their friends. Now, we’re adding new features to help Snapchatters connect even more quickly, express themselves in new ways, and use My AI to stay organized amid busy lives and schedules.”

Editable Chats is a new addition that will allow users to edit their messages after sending them for up to five minutes. The feature works similarly to WhatsApp’s message editing feature. This is currently only available to Snapchat+ users but it may later be expanded to all users.

Snapchat users can currently only react to a message using Bitmoji. However, with the Emoji Reactions feature, they will be able to use any emoji to react to messages. Another interesting feature is My AI Reminders which will allow users to set reminders by sending one quick message to My AI containing the name of the event, date, and time. Once sent, My AI will start an in-app countdown and will share a notification when the counter hits zero. Snap Map is also getting a minor upgrade. Users will be able to react to other users on the map with emojis.

Apart from these, two new AI features are also coming to Snapchat. First is an AI-powered Bitmoji outfit generator. Users can now write a short description of the outfit they want and the AI will generate a selection of similar garments. These outfits can have unique patterns, colours, designs, and more. The second feature was rolled out a few days ago and dubbed the ‘90s AI Lens. The AI Lens is essentially an AI-powered filter with creative effects that are auto-applied once an image is clicked. This particular one brings in the ‘90s aesthetics.

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