Small Business Web Hosting – What to Look For!

If you own a small sized company, I truly believe that you will need a reliable business web hosting more than anyone else. With an increasing number of Web Hosting companies available in the internet today, there is more than one champion web hosting companies which you can search over the internet today where you can best utilize their services and infrastructure from.

Here are some basic guidelines for small business web hosting:

1. Daily backups – your web hosting provider will be performing daily backup on your database and website to back you up in case of unexpected server downtime with the risk of data missing and customers’ information irretrievable.

2. Money saving – reduction of self operating cost by sharing the same server space with others instead of getting a server which is costly to purchase and maintain.

3. Additional goodies are offered – most of the web hosting Host offer additional goodies for those who have registered for his web hosting services, such as MySQL databases, Joomla, OS Commerce, Fantastico tool and many more.

4. High up-time running – A good web hosting provider shall have at least 99.7% of its hosted website and server to continue up and running. Every downtime cost millions of dollars for some of their customers and these are loses which can’t be compensated by these web host provider. Therefore before you really sign the deal with any web host company, request for some of these major information from the company itself for review and study. Check out the web company recovery and disaster coverage plan when there are any drive failure or server down disaster.

5. Security features – SSL ( Secure socket layer ) with the ability to encrypt key customer information as well as secure shopping carts are some of the necessary safety measures need to be available from a good web hosting provider.

6. Real-time and excellent technical support – most of the renowned web host provider today have their own web host control panel. They consist of a team of technical support personnel on standby mode seven days a week, twenty four hours a day to assist their web host service users when there are any issues or downtime of their websites, hardware failure, network outrages, kernel updates.

7. Excellent Customer service – In all kind of industry, good customer service is always the key factor in attracting customers to return and pass on positive words of mouth to other new potential customers. The influence and effect of good words of mouth passing on from one customer to another will bring significant Sales and profits to one’s online business.

8. Risk Free trial of 14 days with money back guarantee – First time customers are offered a 14 days Risk free trial with money back guarantee. Should any of the customers are not satisfied with the web hosting provider service within the first 14 days, they can seek for a full money refund.

9. Fast web hosting – Low client to server ratios with fast efficient server are some of the key factors which are highly prioritized and sought for by customers today in this competitive industry.

Source by Darren Thomas

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