Should You Be Using Web Design Templates?

There are several factors that people need to take into consideration in creating their own website. They should think about how the site will be hosted, which CMS will be used and who will develop and maintain it. It is crucial to decide on whether they will create a custom web design or use a template.

Creating a custom web design means starting from scratch with the use of CSS, HTML and PHP to design a site that is specific to their brand and requirements. On the other hand, using a template allows them to pick from a range of pre-made site skeletons that can be adjusted to suit their needs.

These two options have their pros and cons and their decision will be based on their personal needs. The advantages of using a web design template are as follows.

Simple Set-Up

When developers create a template, they should remember that it will be used by people with all levels of development experience to carry out many different functions. As a consequence, their template will have a huge amount of widgets, incorporated functionality as well as options that will ease their job of setting up in addition to allowing them to be flexible in creating their web design.

In case they are just new at this, templates will be able to provide them with a framework where they can easily plug their website’s content. Those who are more experienced in web development can use a template as a starting line for more complex adjustments.

Low Costs

Aside from being simple to set up, website templates are cost-efficient in several, different ways. The template itself has a relatively low price like about $60 to $120 but the setup and development costs are reduced even more by maximizing the potential of the template’s integrated features. Even if they decide on hiring a web host/web design company to create their site or do it by themselves, the time they will save in using website templates as compared to custom web designs will let them save a considerable amount on development.

Lots of Choices

When the term “WordPress Templates” is searched on Google, people will get thousands of results. When it comes to using a template, what you see is what you get, so they know what to expect in their final product. Due to the plethora of choices, perhaps the most difficult part of using a template is deciding on which is best for their design needs.

Integrated Functionality

More often than not website templates have a lot of integrated functionality, including SEO features and WYSIWYG editing abilities that make them save on time, money and effort in every area of website management.

Reliable Updates

Lastly, when purchasing a website template, they usually get theme updates and future support to help them keep their website active and diminish bugs along the way. WordPress and other updates to CMS platform can cause theme issues and one of the greatest advantages of using a website template is getting support from theme developers whenever things like this happens.

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