Meta Introduces New AI Features to Help Create Ad Creatives for Businesses

Meta is introducing a new set of artificial intelligence (AI) features for businesses to help them automate and improve the process of creating ad creatives. Meta’s new AI features are powered by the second and third generation of its Llama (Large Language Model Meta AI) AI models and are designed to help its enterprise customers easily promote products and services on Facebook and Instagram. These features are primarily focused on improving the image generation capabilities of its AI chatbot. Meta also said that it is trying to improve text generation to help brands find the right tone to reflect brands’ messaging.

Announcing the features via a post in its Business newsroom, Meta said, “Today, we’re launching enhanced generative AI features for advertisers, such as full image and text generation, and introducing additional tools and services to help businesses like yours grow.” These new features include full image variations, text overlay, text prompts, and image expansion.

The full image variation feature will allow brands to give the chatbot a reference for image generation. This can be older creatives, product shots, or any other images of the brand. There is an option to add a text prompt for variations, and based on both inputs, the AI will then create multiple variations of the original image.

Giving an example of the abovementioned feature, Meta said, “Imagine you are promoting your coffee bean business by advertising a steaming cup of coffee, our generative AI will be able to create other variations of your ad creative, including scenery that embodies a lush and idyllic farm, and also provide adjustments to the coffee cup to offer you more creative options you can choose.”

Apart from this, text overlay will allow brands to generate images with text on top of it using AI. This text can either be written by a human or be prompted to the chatbot to generate. Further, the text prompts feature will create a headline and the text caption for posts to reflect the brand’s messaging. While images with text overlays can be used in Stories or Reels, text prompts can help write full-fledged posts.

Finally, a single generated image can also be expanded to fit different posting requirements. For example, an image generated for a Facebook post can be resized to fit Stories or Reels. The AI will not only adjust the dimensions but also generate additional background or change the size of the product to adjust to the image size. Meta said these features will be available on the platform’s Ads Manager through the Advantage+ creative.

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