Hanooman AI With Support for 12 Indian Languages Launched: What it Does

Hanooman AI was launched by 3AI Holding and Surreal Media Labs on Friday. The Indian large language model (LLM) was unveiled on February 21 when the AI was reportedly showcased at an event in Mumbai. The AI model is said to be designed by keeping the Indian demographic into consideration. It supports 12 Indian languages and a total of 98 global languages and can translate text as well. The Hanooman AI platform is currently available for free to all users, however, the company plans to release a premium version with paid subscription in the future.

The official handle of the AI platform, Hanooman, made the launch announcement via a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), where it said, “Say hello to Hanooman, India’s very own Generative AI, breaking through language barriers effortlessly! Experience the magic of seamless communication in your preferred language like never before! Whether it’s Hindi, Tamil, Bengali, or any other language, Hanooman has got you covered!” Notably, the company has made its chatbot available via both web client as well as an Android app, both of which are functional at the time of writing this.

Hanooman AI features

As per the developers, the chatbot is designed to be functional in multiple important sectors including healthcare, governance, financial services, and education. With support for 12 Indian languages and total of 98 global languages, Hanooman AI can respond to users from a vast diversity in their own native language. Some of the global languages the AI knows include English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Japanese, Russian, Chinese, and more.

In essence, the chatbot performs all the same functions OpenAI’s ChatGPT or Google’s Gemini can. It can answer queries, generate text, share recipe, and have a conversation. The company has not shared any details about the size of the training data or the parameters used in the AI model. However, the company explained, “Hanooman integrates specialized LLMs with an integration synthesis matrix, facilitating the delivery of clear, adaptive insights and seamless complex data transformation into actionable intelligence.”

We, at Gadgets 360, tested the chatbot and found that it does a decent job at basic text-based generative AI tasks. Notably, it is not multimodal and it does not have access to the internet. This means it cannot take images as input or generate them, and it does not have a real-time information. When we asked Hanooman AI, it said that its knowledge cut-off was April 10, 2022.

Users can talk to it in different languages. We tried English, Hindi, and Bengali, and while its responses in English and Hindi were concise, it sometimes struggled in Bengali. We noticed some instances where the responses were not clear and coherent or it failed to understand what was said to it. However, like all generative AI, it is expected to improve the more it learns.

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