Digital Marketing Through Pay Per Click (PPC) Model

Pay Per Click model of digital marketing is the most common and evidently effective tool the World Wide Web has to offer to advertisers jostling for online traffic for their websites and, in turn, generating more revenue by successfully converting a visitor to their web page into a customer. In order to best exploit the opportunities thrown open to your business by this concept is to understand and appreciate the changing dynamics of online searches and then adapting your strategies to better meet the end result.

What is PPC?

Pay per click is one of the many marketing and advertising tools offered by leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo that are available for businesses to further their cause of growth and sustenance. The idea is simple, every time a query is processed by the search engine, based on the keywords or key phrases, the user is provided with a list of sponsored Ads or links next to the organic results. If you are a party to the search engine’s PPC services, a link to your website is displayed among the sponsored links. Every time a user clicks on the link displayed, you pay the search engine a pre-determined amount. So, you pay only if the search engine is successful in sending a user to your website.

Why PPC?

Simply put, if you have determined the cost of attracting a user to your website and can calculate to a certain extent the conversion rate and hence the generated revenue, then you can easily estimate just how valuable each visitor to your website is. Assuming that you have taken care of all other virtual triggers, all you need to do is to ensure the traffic to your portal is high. Getting into a contract with the popular search engines to display sponsored link to your website right next to organic results increases the chances of more visits to your website.

How to ascertain keywords or phrases?

This is where digital or web marketing companies, like Internet Moguls, come into the picture. Taking example of the hospitality sector which thrives on publicity and reputation, the core competence of hotels lies in services of most luxurious kinds and comfort to their guests rather than indulging in mastering the complexities of search engine optimization or social media optimization. In order to invade the web space and conquer the market, businesses like luxury hotels can avail services of consultants from web marketing companies to identify the keywords through systematic and foolproof methods. As web marketing companies have thorough knowledge of tools which lay bare the complexities of search engines and their operational techniques, Pay per click model can pay rich dividends if services of a web marketing company.

Is It Really That Simple?

Yes. and No. While it is easy to avail PPC services from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Microsoft, this must be noted that you can pay dearly for either choosing wrong keywords or thus paying for clicks which have rare chances of turning into a business opportunity. Also, PPC should not be your digital marketing strategy but just a sub-set of it. It is important to have all the relevant web marketing tools and models in place, including an interactive yet easy to navigate website, participation in content management portals which aggregate and publish content related to your business, provisions for maintaining and improving your online reputation among other vital online activities. It is to be noted that PPC pays only if you have done the groundwork and that is a job best left to the experts.

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