A Call Center Guide To IVR Software

This guide teaches you about IVR call center software. You’ll learn the basics, get tips, find advice, see trends, and more!

Call centers and IVR software

Historically, call centers have been defined as the department used to give or receive information on behalf of the company or organization. Today, it’s clear that business call automation has evolved.

Innovations in voice response software have made it possible to view the contact center as more than just a communication hub. In fact, some might go so far as to describe it as a dynamic and strategic business move.

That’s because software, unlike hardware, is diverse.

Categories of applications:

Personnel Management

Analytics & reporting

CRM/Lead capture

You’ll see businesses using it for employee training, keeping track of operations and profitability based on calls received, and even for improving customer relationship management (CRM). Let’s take a closer look at each category and what is needed for success.

Software that is designed for support staff often includes scheduling, job reporting, and technical support. This is somewhat different than conventional applications because it focuses on addressing the needs and concerns of the employee, rather than those of the caller.

What’s needed: Applications that save time, reduce errors, and minimize frustrations that might impede performance.

Analytics and reporting applications can include both basic and advanced options such as providing call transcripts or creating records for callers detailing why a voice response aided call was transferred to a live employee.

What’s needed: Applications that accurately report information based on what the client wants.

CRM and lead capture software simply refers to voice response solutions that depend on caller-specific details and records.

What’s needed: Applications that are able to interact in real-time.

In each instance, software can play an important role in helping the company balance key areas. Read on for tips on how managers can use software in a way that increases accountability, streamlines procedures, and fine-tunes call automation.

Tips for managers

Managers normally find themselves at the helm when it comes to implementing new software. Because support staff will perform at peak levels when they are held accountable for the services they provide, it is up to the managers to ensure that everyone is on the same page so to speak.

Here are some tips to ease the transition if your company is just getting started:

  • Make sure key employees understand how to use it & know how to get help when they need it
  • Coordinate with internal departments so calls are routed appropriately
  • Have regular staff meetings so you know what’s working and what isn’t

New and upcoming industry trends

Several new and exciting trends have popped up this year. One of the more interesting developments is how voice response solutions are being integrated with the caller’s mobile devices. The idea is that relevant consumer data like web browsing, texts, and downloaded apps can be captured and entered into a company’s existing database.

Finding more resources

No guide is complete without a list of additional resources. Here’s a list of helpful sites with more resources for call centers:


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