99 Ways to Flood Your Website With Traffic

All businesses need traffic, visitors to their offers. Traffic is the life-blood of business. The above title is the brain-child of Mick Monro’s book on traffic. It literally has within its pages 99 ways of bringing visitors to your website.

Some of the strategies are for harnessing free traffic; there are also some of the cheapest paid traffic ideas, that are very targeted. Some are secret sources of little known techniques to bring visitors seeking out your offers.

The different techniques are described step by step, so that if you are new to online marketing or haven’t previously used the particular method you can follow the directions. Some strategies are fast ways to bring traffic to your blog or website, others will keep working long-term.

However it is no good just reading a book you have to actually take action and put the methods into practice. Obviously you don’t need 99 strategies to have visitors pouring into your business, some people only stick to a couple of chosen methods, however with so many to choose from you have plenty of choice. The author suggests implementing several different sources to keep your website rich with visitors. If one source loses its impact you have the back up of many others.

One strategy that took my attention was to: “Correctly re-direct your 404 error page”, that if done correctly would bring people who are already searching for you right to your doorstep, that would otherwise be completely lost. Even if this is a relatively small number it is targeted traffic.

I will leave you to discover the remainder of the strategies, but it is good to have so many suggestions within one book, there must be some in there to appeal to everyone.

So whatever your business it will help you bring an endless stream of visitors if you implement the ideas. For those not yet started online I would suggest affiliate marketing with a good mentor to guide and train you is probably the simplest starting point. With a tried and tested method you can start to earn as you learn the new techniques and strategies required. Begin part-time and build your business whilst you have an existing income. It doesn’t happen overnight all businesses take time and effort, to become successful.

I hope with the great selection offered, you find the book helpful, good luck in your venture.

“99 Ways to flood your website with traffic” by Mick Macro

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Source by Anne O’Dwyer

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