8 Reasons That Justify The Need Of QuickBooks POS Cloud Hosting In Your Retail Business

Intuit, the most renowned developer of accounting and tax applications, has garnered tremendous appreciation and success in the retail world by releasing QuickBooks Point of Sale software. The QuickBooks standard billing software, also known as POS, is allowing businesses to have both, employee performance and client satisfaction, at the same time. The QuickBooks POS cloud Hosting ensures optimum security, unparalleled reliability and brand credibility with every transaction made.

The company stated Desktop Point of Sale as a brand recognizer, which helps retailers to keep various departments organized. From tracking sales and handling inventory to generating reports, the software is a pro in everything that might help a small business to expand its horizons. Retailers and restaurateurs no longer need to re-enter every single detail in their accounting software as hosting sync orders, employee records, payroll data and inventory with a single click. So, let’s discuss all the benefits of QuickBooks POS hosting on the cloud to understand it’s worth.

  1. Ease of Access

QuickBooks POS Hosting software makes payments easy for your customers as it allows them to pay with credit cards, debit cards, cash, and more. The hosted software is an efficient platform that supports transaction portability regardless of what medium or source retailers are using. Retailers and shopkeepers can switch to smart payment processing, access their files without any location restrictions, and introduce productivity even when they are away.

  1. Streamlined POS Processing For Multiple Stores

The hosted QuickBooks POS software works on centralized database approach that makes it possible for retailers to process orders regardless of their location. Acquiring cloud-based POS helps you to enhance client satisfaction and broadens your business reach.

  1. Enhanced Security

You know your business billing is precise and safe when you’re switched to QuickBooks POS cloud. The availability of high-level security standards including 256-bit encryption, timely network monitoring, finely-clustered infrastructure and two-factor authentication keeps your data protected from malicious software and any kind of natural disasters such as flood or fire.

  1. Strong Collaboration Opportunities With Third Parties

Along with fast payment processing integration, QuickBooks POS Hosting also offers a reliable platform to collaborate with outside parties including employees, bookkeepers and accountants. Most of the retailers find it hard to work in sync with outsourced parties as they’re not so advanced to connect remotely. But with the help of cloud-based QuickBooks POS application, even collaboration looks efficient and easy.

  1. Less IT Burden

Hosting your QuickBooks POS desktop software to the cloud reduce the stress of in-house server infrastructure maintenance and unwanted hardware investments. The hosting provider is versed enough to handle your technology operations and provide plenty of time to take care of your business growth.

  1. Cost-efficient Solution

From inventory to billing, Hosted QuickBooks POS is a recognized way to unleash more in less. The hosting benefits you in many ways and significantly helps in cost reduction. Migrating your POS data to cloud automatically updates QuickBooks reports as well, which save a lot of your time and efforts. Cloud vendor is authorized to take care of latest and complex solutions in need, so you don’t need to worry about upfront investments.

  1. Round-the-clock Technical Support

The cloud hosting provider ensures that your QuickBooks POS is up and running 24*7 without any disruptions. Whether it be a technical issue or lack of understanding, experts from the support team are there to assist you with sustainable solutions. The best part of switching to hosted POS is that you don’t need to entertain any extra charges for support.

  1. Timely Data Backups

Migrating your data to the cloud simply means that you’ve asked for automatic data backups to ensure complete data security. You no longer need to think about hard disk failure, server crash or employee carelessness as your data will be stored on the cloud.


There’s no denying in stating that with Hosted QuickBooks Point of Sale – you are not only embracing the benefits of QuickBooks as a brand, but also, setting a standard for terms like inventory management, easy payments and client satisfaction. Start looking for a reliable hosting provider if you’re ready to explore the benefits of automated and advanced QuickBooks POS. You’ll never regret the switch!!

Source by Tina S Smith

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